Sideloader – 200/300mm FAB Loading Equipment

Sideloader – 200/300mm FAB Loading Equipment

The Sideloader is a collaborative and compact piece of robotic equipment, capable of automatically loading and unloading equipment with PODs (200mm Wafers) or FOUPs (300mm Wafers). It is “the last meter delivery solution” which extends the field of operation of AMHS (automated transport vehicles) in non reachable Fab zones. .

The Sideloader is an agile solution for any production line modernization project in Fab 200mm and 300mm. In addition to its automatic loading and AMHS extension functions, it combines the advantages of local storage positioned as close as possible to the equipment and the Hub function between the various PODS/FOUP transport modes (Manual, AMHS, Robotic mobile on the ground). Thanks to its fully integrated FAB communication standards (SECS/GEM/E84), its simple and flexible configuration as well as its compact size, the Sideloader fits perfectly into any existing system or production unit.


Technical Specifications

  • Intelligent modulable shelves
  • 200-300mm gripper
  • Collaborative robot
  • >900 transfers per hour
  • Multi-zone security camera/radar
  • Flexible and evolving configuration
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes
  • Ergonomic E95 tactile interface
  • SEMI E84 infrared communication
  • E30 SECS/GEM/E88 Stocker communication

High througput

Fully Connected

Low Footprint

High Ergonomics

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  • Increased rate of loading and unloading of tools loadports;
  • Improved workstation ergonomics and reduction of  MSD risks for operators;
  • Optimization of traceability and reliability of handling;
  • Guaranteed convergence between the different means of transport, both automated and
  • manual within the FAB (AMHS/AMR/Operator).

Sideloader Datasheet


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