ATG Technologies, our CSR Commitments for the Future

Our belief is that technological progress should benefit society, the planet and humanity. We are committed to defending the interests of our customers and our employees with respect for the environment and sustainable growth.

We act to promote collaborative industry, remaining respectful of people and the environment through societal, environmental, economic and forward-looking commitments.

Committed to Protecting Society

For us, growth and sustainability depends solely on the talents of the men and women who make up the company. We believe that we must foster and nourish our ecosystem to invent the industry of the future. We support associations that are committed to helping the most vulnerable in society and we encourage our teams to get involved alongside us.

Committed to Respecting the Environment

We are working to reduce the company's carbon footprint, in particular through recycling projects (recycling component materials of products at the end of their life).

We aspire to pass on to future generations an industry and a society that respects the planet, its climate, its resources and its biodiversity. European taxonomy is our inspiration. We favor short distribution channels, a circular economy, sustainability and frugality of our designs. We measure and optimize our carbon footprint and our impact.

After taking over office spaces and workshops, we carried out extensive work to reduce the ecological footprint of the buildings, improved the comfort for our colleagues and reduced our energy consumption.

Committed to a More Responsible Economy

We aim for sustainable growth that respects everyone. We are committed to youth and talent development, through training, apprenticeship and mentoring. We invest every year in innovation and R&D to develop value-creating solutions for our customers. We distribute profit-sharing to our teams and we share the creation of value equitably.

Committed to Future Generations

Our job is to design and build collaborative machines for the semiconductor industry. We anticipate technological trends, we are on the lookout for new technologies and the latest innovations. The industry of the future is a state of mind, we want it to be responsible and respectful of people so that we can live better together.

In addition, we provide training for our temps, students and work experience students to encourage future generations to work in the industrial sector.