Tool Loading Systems

Kitting is the act of gathering all the components of a product into a package (or kit) to be sent to the assembly lines for assembly. This process is done upstream to ensure an uninterrupted supply of products to the assembly lines.

FSI Smart Cell Machine Charging Mercury FSIs automatically

 The FSI Smart Cell enables:

  • Cassette/pod handling
  • Wafer handling
  • Recipe management
  • Pod storage and supply

ATG's compact solution ensures optimized throughput while improving workstation ergonomics and traceability reliability.

Performance and Benefits

Throughput optimisation for loading and unloading machines

Improvement in workstation ergonomics and reduction of MSD risks.

Improvement in the traceability of the process

Decrease in particulate inputs

Our Solution

FSI: fully automated equipment upgrade solution

FSI Mercury SmartCell

FSI Mercury SmartCell is a fully automatic FSI Mercury cell. More than 200 million wafers processed by FSI SmartCells!

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