Industrial Field

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of factory automation in various industrial sectors, ATG Technologies offers you innovative and agile solutions to best meet your constraints and requirements.

Automation of your handling and production processes

As a global actor in the improvement of industrial processes, we can cover all the steps of your project, from the validation of your specifications to its implementation, installation, commissioning and maintenance. We will be your long-term project partner and service provider.

Automatisation industrielle par ATG Technologies

An all-in-one solution for your industrial tool

Our expertise allows you to improve the productivity of your company's production processes or your production line. Our range of services:

  1. Handling automation
  2. Automation of palletization
  3. Integration of autonomous transport
  4. Integration of control systems

Automation of handling in production lines

We design robotic solutions to handle any type of object in a precise way and at high speed.

Integration of autonomous transport in production lines

Our mobile robotics solutions allow us to eliminate the tediousness of handling tasks and deliver enhanced productivity and quality improvement.


Automation of palletization in production lines

We have developed palletization lines that enable high-speed processing of products that are difficult to handle.

Control and metrology
Control and metrology

Integration of control systems in production lines

We have strong experience in the control and sorting of objects at high speed.