Automation Software for Tools Under SECS/GEM Protocol

ATG Technologies through its sister company Focussia is a specialist in automation and software integration in semiconductor fabs

SmartGem is an automation and interoperability solution

SmartGem is an intelligent SECS/GEM gateway to connect equipment and devices and automation in semiconductor plants.

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The Different Applications

Case 1: SmartGem: automation and interoperability solution

The SmartGem solution allows you to upgrade existing equipment/OEM to SECS/GEM, fully automated production equipment and upgrade operating equipment to a fully automated cell.

Case 2: SmartGem: FAB Automation

The SmartGem solution can also manage the automation of the fab with one cell per equipment. The high connectivity of SmartGem allows the integration with any other server or installation in the plant, such as FDC server, Receip server, R2R server, MCS...

Case 3: SmartPassThrough: upgrading multiple SECS/GEM channels


  • Update equipment: add devices, sensors, variables for data collection…
  • Upgrade the Fab: add data collection capabilities, monitoring, specific servers…
  • Deployed for years on hundreds of tools
Case 4: SmartBoxE84: E84 connectivity solution

SmartBoxE84 is a flexible and cost-effective SEMI E84 integration solution.

  • Up to 4 charging ports
  • Active/passive mode
  • Custom SEMI E84 sequences
  • Extended inputs and outputs
  • Virtual SB and vehicle simulator
  • Remote web administrator

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