Automatic Transport Systems for Pods or Foups

ATG Technologies specializes in the automation and integration of pods and foups transport systems for the semiconductor fab process.

Autonomous Mobile Robot for the Semiconductor Fab Process

An Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is a robot that moves autonomously without human intervention. More flexible than traditional technologies and able to be integrated into workshops without structural modifications, the AMRs integrated by ATG Technologies make it possible to connect to OHTs equipment located in areas inaccessible to this technology.

SECS/GEM inside by Focussia

Performance and Benefits of an AMR Solution

Smoothes the loading and unloading of machines

Improved ergonomics in the workstation

Reduced risk of errors

Improved batch traceability

Convergence between means of transport

Facilitates the deployment of partial AMHS in existing Fabs

Different Applications

Case 1: Mobile Handler (Comobot™)


The Mobile Manipulator (Comobot™) is the essential tool for transporting FOUPS or PODS in areas inaccessible to OHTs. In particular, it extends the range of action of automated transport vehicles (AMHS) that are unable to access certain equipment.

Fully integrated with the FAB communication standards (SECS/GEM/E84), Comobot finds its place in the modernization projects of units inaccessible to OHT solutions.

Case 2: Comobot™ interface with our HBIN

An HBIN can be used as a load/unload station (Loadport) for Mobile Manipulators. Equipment that is currently inaccessible to OHTs can be automated while maintaining the possibility of manual feeding.

HBIN/HBOUT: An intelligent AMHS charging port

An HBIN/HBOUT station is a smart, connected shelf that can be loaded and unloaded automatically by a transport vehicle or manually by an operator. It can serve as an interface between the automated material handling system (AMHS) and the operators. It can also be used as a temporary storage buffer close to the equipment in order to fluidify the production flow without losing traceability.

Fully integrated with FAB communication standards (SECS/GEM/E84), mobile and small in size, HBIN/HBOUT stations are ideal for modernization projects of existing production units, especially 200mm production plants.

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