Semiconductor FAB Equipment and Tools

300mm wafer handling robot

For the automation of your semiconductor factories, ATG Technologies in partnership with Focussia, is proud to offer you various pieces of equipment and tools for semiconductors.

Our agile and innovative solutions are designed to meet the constraints and requirements of your production line in terms of handling, loading, unloading and transport of wafers and pods/blooms.

Automated Wafer Handling In the Semicon FAB

Semiconductor equipment and tools are industrial robotic solutions designed to pick up, load, unload, transport and inspect wafers contained or not in pods/foups cassettes.

The manufacturing of silicon wafers and their transformation into semiconductors is a long and complex process. Silicon wafers are fragile products while their production cost is very high. By integrating these equipment and tools, semiconductor industries can thus reduce defect rates and rejects. These solutions ensure reliable and accurate wafer handling and transport. Substantial losses are reduced and product quality is optimised, ensuring customer satisfaction.

The integration of these robotic solutions also allows industries to optimise their productivity thanks to their high work rate. At the same time, production costs are reduced by automating repetitive and low value-added tasks. This makes the industry more competitive. On the other hand, employees’ working conditions are optimised as they do not have to handle delicate products and perform boring tasks. They can be assigned to more rewarding tasks.

List of Wafer Handling Equipment for the Semicon Fab

ATG Technologies and Focussia design and manufacture a variety of semiconductor equipment and tools. One of these is the SideLoader. This is an innovative, high-performance and compact collaborative robot designed for the automatic loading and unloading of pods and foups. It can be deployed in loadports that cannot be serviced by automated transport vehicles (AMHS). Its small size makes it easy to set up.

In addition to the Sideloader, the Mobile Manipulator or Comobot™ is also part of the powerful and agile solutions offered by ATG Technologies. Semiconductor industries need it to transport pods or foups in areas where OHTs cannot operate. The Comobot™ also extends the reach of AMHSs.

The FSI Smartcell is also one of the foremost pieces of semiconductor equipment and tools designed and manufactured by ATG Technologies. It is used to automate the loading of FSI Mercury machines. It handles the pods or foups containing wafers. At the same time, it ensures the balancing of the wash trays by handling the wafers individually. The equipment is also capable of carrying out cleaning processes.

Finally, the Foup Inspection System is an inspection system designed to detect any damage or physical contamination of the foups at any stage of the production cycle. The system is to be integrated into the production line. It is one of the most innovative and reliable defect detection solutions for optimising the quality of your foups in your Fab.

ATG Technologies – Manufacturer of Semiconductor Equipment and Tools

Make ATG Technologies and Focussia your partners for the modernisation of your semiconductor production units. We are specialists in collaborative robots or cobots and we design and manufacture cobotic solutions dedicated to the semiconductor industry. The Sideloader and Comobot we offer are fully integrated with the FAB communication standards (SECS/GEM/E84). They can be deployed in retrofit projects for units inaccessible to OHT systems. ATG Technologies and Focussia’s FSI Smartcell and Foup Inspection System are the latest technological innovations designed to optimise your productivity and product quality.

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