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Advantages of autonomous mobile robots

Many manufacturers are opting for the Automated Guided Vehicle or AGV to automate and optimise the logistics flow in their warehouse or factory.

This solution guarantees substantial savings and also provides a safer working environment. Among the different types of AGVs available, you can choose the laser-guided vehicle (LGV).

Laser Guided Vehicle (LGV) – Definition

The Laser Guided Vehicle (LGV) is a self-guided truck that is similar to a conventional forklift truck except that it moves automatically and autonomously. It does this by following a laser guidance system. It broadcasts a laser signal to detectors along the route. These reflect the signal. An on-board processor calculates the time between the emission of the laser signal and the reception of the reflected beam. This method allows the vehicle to determine the distance to the control points and thus to know its position. Consequently, it does not require human intervention to follow and correct its trajectory. The programming and modification of such a trajectory is also easy.

The Laser Guided Vehicle (LGV) can be equipped with a lifting system and various types of forks. This makes it possible to handle and transport parcels, pallets, coils, crates, or other bulky loads.

Two types of laser guidance technology exist:

  • The modulated laser system, which has the particularity of offering high precision and a larger range.
  • The pulsed laser system, which works by emitting a pulsed laser beam at a frequency of 14,400 Hz.

Handling with the LGV

The Laser Guided Vehicle (LGV) is used for handling and transporting various types of objects, such as fragile items, small objects or heavy and bulky loads, etc. The advantages of using it are that it optimises the working conditions of the operators. They no longer have to do repetitive and tedious tasks. The LGV also helps to reduce labour and production costs. This is achieved by optimising the flow of traffic and traceability and by reducing variability.

In addition, human error is limited with the laser-guided vehicle (LGV) as there are no manual operations. Thus, products are not at risk of being damaged during handling. There is also no risk of potential injury to operators. Other benefits of the equipment include improved space efficiency, flexibility and scalability of the solution, cost effectiveness, ease and speed of commissioning.

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