300 mm Foup/ 200 mm Pod Trolley

Advantages of autonomous mobile robots

Is your company specialised in the production of semiconductors? Do you need the right equipment to transport your pods/wafers? Then choose the ATG Technologies pod/wafer cart.

Features of a pod/foup cart

The pod/foup transport trolley enables safe and automated transfer between two wafer process machines for semiconductor production. It consists of a motorised forklift and a transport platform. The transport platform is equipped with four support rollers that can be adjusted in height to suit the size of the wafer. Two of the rollers are motorised and can be used to move the wafer forward or backward on the platform. The other two rollers are fixed and simply hold the wafer in place. The transport trolley is also equipped with a locking device to hold the wafer in place during transport.

The following are the features of an ATG Technologies pod/foup cart:

  • Motorised lift truck for easy and accurate movement of the wafer between process machines.
  • Transport platform with four height-adjustable rollers to suit the wafer size.
  • Two of the rollers are motorised to allow forward/backward movement of the wafer on the platform.
  • Locking device to hold the wafer in place during transport.
  • The equipment has a patented shock absorber system to reduce shock and vibration during movement.

There are many advantages to using a pod/foup cart for your business, such as:

  • Automation of wafer transfer between process machines, reducing errors and increasing productivity.
  • Increased safety due to the locking device, which prevents the wafer from falling out during transport.
  • The transport platform can be adapted to different wafer sizes, allowing for increased flexibility in production.

AMR systems for pod/foup transport

To modernise your semiconductor manufacturing process, you can choose the Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) system for pod/foup transport. This is an excellent alternative to the manual transport trolley.

This innovative equipment moves by itself, without human intervention. Integrating them into your production line is easy and you don’t have to change your workspace infrastructure.

Why choose ATG Technologies for the design of the trolley?

ATG Technologies is a company specialised in the automation and robotisation of production lines. The solutions we offer are designed to meet your needs and operating constraints. We have been assisting manufacturers for more than 20 years to accomplish their transformation project towards Industry 4.0. We support you in the installation and implementation of customised industrial equipment. Finally, we guarantee not only the proper functioning of the equipment, but also the safety of users and the traceability of products.

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