Upgrading robots in semiconductor production

300mm wafer handling robot

To achieve the goal of technological sovereignty, the French semiconductor production sector is committed to introducing innovations to its production line. In addition to locating their factories, companies are also acquiring a more efficient and productive production line.

In order to be more competitive, some of them choose to replace robots in their semiconductor production.

Why replace production robots in the semiconductor industry?

The demand for semiconductors has been steadily increasing in recent years. In the automotive sector, the supply cannot even meet the demand of the industries, resulting in a severe shortage. To better meet these growing needs, authorities and industries are taking a number of measures, such as relocating semiconductor production. The United States, Europe and Japan were the largest suppliers of semiconductors in the 1990s, with a joint market share of 97%. In 2020, production in these three countries unfortunately accounted for just 9% of the market. The decline in production is due to the arrival of China, Taiwan and South Korea in the sector.

In order to reach the production level of yesteryear, European countries have put in place a plan to develop the production of new generation electronic chips. In particular, France is keen to maintain its expertise in the production of electronic chips, with significant investment.

For their part, industries are optimising their production tools by replacing semiconductor production robots. This solution allows them to become more productive and competitive.

Enter Industry 4.0

Is your production line underperforming and no longer allowing you to achieve your objectives? Do you want to make your company more competitive in the semiconductor sector? Then produce smarter by moving into Industry 4.0. ATG Technologies offers solutions for the replacement of semiconductor production robots. With the semiconductor production line we are creating, you will significantly reduce the occurrence of productivity problems in your 200mm and 300mm lines. Our production line incorporates the latest technological innovations such as collaborative robots, 5G, etc. It also offers innovative and tailor-made features. Integrating ATG Technologies’ new robotic solutions allows you to gain in productivity, optimise your employees’ working conditions, reduce your production costs and make you more competitive in the semiconductor market.

When our engineers answer your call for the replacement or retrofitting of your production solutions, they always carry out analyses before applying the modifications and integrating the solution.

ATG Technologies, retrofitting production robots

For the replacement of semiconductor production robots, trust ATG Technologies. We specialise in the design and manufacture of robotic solutions for the semiconductor industry. Our partnership with sister company Focussia allows us to develop more powerful and agile robotic solutions to meet your production needs. With ATG Technologies’ various robots, your employees will no longer have to manually perform repetitive and low value-added tasks.

We have tailor-made solutions for the automation of your handling and semiconductor production processes. To improve your productivity, also replace the pods or foups transport system in your production line with our automated solution. ATG Technologies also manufactures kitting, dekitting and wafer basket storage systems, quality control systems and tool automation software under SECS/GEM protocol. The features of this equipment can be adapted to your needs. So you can use your equipment safely and over the long term.

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