We are proud to have unveiled the first industrial 3D printer “3Deus Light” on September 13, 2022. This breakthrough innovation is the fruit of an intense cooperative project over many months between the teams of 3Deus Dynamics, holders of two patents for dynamic molding, and ATG Technologies, designer of innovative machines for the industry of the future and a subsidiary of MGA Technologies.

3Deus Dynamics has always been ambitious about pushing the limits of 3D printing, right from the company’s inception! The winner of the I-Lab (Bpifrance) innovation competition in 2021, 3Deus has developed a breakthrough innovation called “Dynamic Molding”. This innovative technology is a hybrid of 3D printing and injection/molding and is compatible with all injectable materials currently available on the market without the need for chemical reformulation, support structure or geometry limits.

3Deus and ATG Technologies therefore set themselves the challenge of designing the first industrial machine, thereby allowing this technology to be used in series production. This collaboration has resulted in the development of the “3Deus Light” printer, which will allow several thousand parts to be printed per year thanks to the new patented additive manufacturing process. Intended to manufacture custom-made and mass-produced industrial parts based on injectable silicone and without imposing any size limits, the machine meets the current challenges of cutting-edge fields such as the health or defense industries and opens up new horizons for the future.