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Industrialists who wish to remain competitive choose to follow the currents and trends of the industrial revolution. This involves significant organizational and technological changes, a step that is more easily achieved with the support of an expert in the field.

So, is the deployment of Industry 4.0 technologies part of your strategy and are you looking for an industrial equipment supplier to set up your project? If so, this article can help you.

How to Choose Your Custom Industrial Equipment Supplier?


Do not neglect the choice of your custom industrial equipment supplier. The success of your project and the image of your company may largely depend on it. It is therefore advisable to pinpoint your research. This involves evaluating your company’s needs. Make sure that the criteria you set are also in line with your business strategy. To do this, you must take into account the target clientele, the proposed offer, the type of equipment targeted and your competitive advantage. Then adopt a set of specifications that includes the criteria you must adopt in the search for your material handling equipment manufacturer.

Once you have found a few potential providers, proceed to compare their services to determine which offers best meet your requirements. Such a comparison should be based on a number of criteria, such as

  • Price: the analysis is not only about the purchase price of the industrial equipment, but also about the additional costs. This includes, for example, installation costs, maintenance costs, etc. Find out which manufacturer offers the best value for money;
  • The services offered can be technical support, after-sales service, troubleshooting, manufacturing process, delivery or others;
  • The possibility of customization: this point is important if your production line has specific characteristics. To ensure the smooth running of your business, check that the supplier offers custom-made and flexible industrial equipment.


Digital Transformation, An Important Step


Digital transformation is a must for the industrial sector nowadays. Indeed, customers’ requirements are constantly increasing in terms of quality and quantity. Aware of this market evolution, competing companies choose to innovate their means of production in order to stand out from the crowd. They opt for the installation of more efficient and autonomous industrial equipment in order to increase their production capacity and optimize the quality of their products.

To avoid losing an important part of the market and to remain competitive, digital transformation is necessary. To accomplish this, it is necessary to turn to a supplier of industrial equipment. These machines allow users to not only increase their production rate, but also to reduce costs. Some equipment is even able to provide data on the performance of the production line. This allows for a better projection of the company’s productivity and prospects.


Why choose ATG Technologies?


ATG Technologies is today a world reference in terms of design of solutions for the automation and the control of the production of industries. The supplier of industrial equipment can bring its expertise to any phase of the project, from its conception to the commissioning of the machines.

Among the turnkey solutions offered by the brand, we can, for example, list:

  • Process engineering: design and optimization of production lines, general studies for production tools, etc. ;
  • Studies and realizations: 3D or 2Dmechanical studies, electrical studies, robotics studies, etc. ;
  • Industrial robotics: high-speed transfer, sorting, packaging, assembly of parts, etc;
  • Control systems: quality control, 3D or 2D dimensional control, process monitoring, etc.

ATG Technologies provides its customers with customized industrial machines in order to better meet local needs. These are offered at the best quality-price ratio.

To benefit from a better accompaniment in the realization of your production line innovation strategy, choose ATG Technologies. We don’t just manufacture and supply robots. Your industrial equipment supplier can also give you advice to ensure the success of your project. Give yourself a complete solution by contacting us today.

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